Trading cryptocurrencies with Savitar: presenting order types, book and volume

  • Published: 02/18/2019
  • 4 min read

Cryptocurrencies opened up finance and brought new and various profiles to the world of trading. While traditional investors are familiar with exchanges as well as the technical baggage that comes with it, people purchasing assets for the first time are not.

Our goal today is to present all the different trading features available on the Savitar Exchange so you can make the most of it, whatever your profile is. Let's start with the basics.

Trade your way

We offer two distinct trading environments to satisfy all user needs. Both can be accessed with the same account - your Savitar account.


buy bitcoin with savitar exchange

Savitar is an easy-to-use interface streamlining the cryptocurrency buying and selling process. With Savitar, you can buy and sell digital currencies at market rate, using your bank account (SEPA transfer). Savitar also included a wallet to store and secure your funds.

With Savitar, we focused on simplicity and clarity to streamline the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Savitar Pro


Savitar Pro offers all the features included in the former and some more. This trading environment addresses advanced users' needs. They have access to more powerful features including charting and analysis (powered by TradingView) and several order types.

Both Savitar and Savitar Pro offer the lowest transaction fees of the market, capped at a maximum of 0.10% of the transaction price. Fees can even be reduced further down.

➡️ Learn more about our fee structure

The different order types

There are two main different order types available on the Savitar platform. Before we dive into the specifics, here is a table comparing the two order types:

/ Market-Rate Order Limit Order
Transaction Asset Price Bought/Sold at the current market price User-defined price
Time Delay Instant execution once the order is placed Possible, depends on market volume
Partial Execution Impossible Possible depends on market volume
Savitar Transaction Fees Maximum 0.10 % of the transaction Maximum 0.10 % of the transaction
Availability Savitar & Savitar Pro Savitar Pro only

  1. A market-rate order [Savitar and Savitar Pro] is a market-rate order is a buy or sell order emitted at the current price. They are always fully and instantly fulfilled since the volume is always there (market price). The user only has to decide the asset and the amount he wants to buy. Market-rate orders are well suited for mid to long term investment horizon for occasional investors.
  2. A limit order [Savitar Pro only] is an order to buy/sell an asset at a specific price, determined by the user. It can only be executed at the limit price, or lower (buy order only) or higher (sell order only). A limit order is not guaranteed to be executed and can be only partially filled. The user can cancel his order at any state of its execution (partially filled or not filled at all).

Advanced trading with Savitar Pro

Limit orders are more flexible than market-rate orders and allow you to purchase and sell assets at better prices. Yet, they come with an additional level of complexity, as the user must understand volume and how the order book works to make the most of it.

To make it as easy and convenient as possible for our users, we implemented additional features to help them to trade:

  • A list of the latest orders fulfilled on Savitar,
  • Advanced charting including historical data, analysis, and technical indicators (TradingView),
  • The order book and a visualization of the volume of buy and sell orders

The main challenge with limit order is to understand how volume works. Indeed, trading in low-volume markets can be risky, and users must be wary. There is no rush though, feel free to start with small-order using Savitar to get started quickly.

Going further

While the current feature set is enough for you to beat the market, the Savitar platform is continuously being upgraded! As our service develops, we will add more tools and features to make it even more convenient for our users.

All you need to get started is creating an account on Savitar and getting verified (KYC). When you complete the validation process, you will receive free SVT tokens. Then, you’ll be able to start to convert your local currency in and out of cryptocurrencies with ease and minimal fees.

Ready to get started? Don't forget about security, enable 2 Factor Authentication with our guide.

Stay tuned and happy trading!

  • Published: 02/18/2019