Savitar Exchange: Digital currencies made simple

  • Published: 02/12/2019
  • 5 min read

Savitar is a cryptocurrency exchange set out to democratize and open up access to digital assets. We believe that digital currencies should be easy to purchase, possess and sell for them to become mainstream.

The Savitar team is building a user-friendly exchange that will be transparent, involving its community in its development and the major decisions such as coin listings. We want to make cryptocurrencies accessible, intuitive and available to all. Our team is convinced that decentralized and community-maintained ledgers represent the future of the current financial system.

Why build Savitar?

Cryptocurrencies are the foundation of a more equitable and transparent economy in which financial services, the cornerstone of innovation, are accessible to everyone without restriction. Our mission is to democratize access to cryptocurrencies to advance one step closer to the achievement of this new economy.

Over the last two years, many new cryptocurrency exchanges emerged. These new trading platforms provide liquidity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, facilitating the exchange between different tokens. However, the most prominent ones, such as Binance, refuse to process fiat currencies such as the Euro or the Dollar. Their lack of support of fiat currencies makes them unfit for people looking to invest for the first time in cryptocurrencies, as well as those who already possess some and are looking to convert them in and out of their local currency.

Gateways between the legacy monetary system and cryptocurrencies are necessary to enable their adoption. Thanks to our financial partners, we support both credit card payment and bank wire (SEPA). Savitar users can easily convert their local currency in and out of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. We envision Savitar as both the first and last link of the chain between cryptocurrencies and bank.

What is Savitar Exchange?

ℹ️ Savitar is the Hindu deity conceived of as the vivifying influence of the sun who acts as a protector of all beings.

Savitar develops a novel and responsible approach to trading. The fee structure is unambiguous, and the coin listing process is transparent and community-driven.

Each new coin listed on Savitar goes through a thorough verification process to minimize the risk for our users. Projects without credible developments or working proof of concept will be not be listed. Once our team has screened the tokens, they will be submitted to the community’s vote.

Savitar and Savitar Pro

We offer two trading environment to satisfy all users needs.


An easy-to-use interface streamlining the cryptocurrency buying and selling process

With Savitar, people unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and low-volume investors can buy and sell digital currencies at market rate, paying with their credit card or by wire transfer. They will enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface streamlining the acquisition process, as well as a secure and easy to use wallet.

Savitar Pro

A feature-packed trading interface tailored for advanced users’ needs

Users who are looking for more advanced features can check out Savitar Pro, where they can set their orders and trade on the markets. On Savitar pro, they will have access to more complex trading options and monitoring tools to fine-tune and implement their strategies. These include different orders types (market, limit, stop), as well as several take-profit and stop-loss management tools.

Both environments offer the lowest transaction fees of the market, capped at a maximum of 0.10% of the transaction price. Fees can be reduced further down for large-volume investors and by using SVT token.

➡️ Learn more about fees on Savitar Exchange

Community-driven platform

Savitar is a community-driven exchange. While starting as a centralized entity was necessary to ensure full compliance with current legal frameworks, we plan to open up the exchange progressively. Starting from day one, our community will be involved in the coin listing process. SVT token holders can both submit a project to be reviewed by our team and vote on the vetted projects.

Moreover, the SVT token will power progressively more advanced features enabling a deeper community involvement. With our Smart Drop program, we aim to distribute the SVT token as evenly as possible among our users. Users will be rewarded with a set amount of SVT tokens as they reach milestones of usage on our platform, starting with their account verification. They can earn even more SVT tokens by referring friends to the exchange.

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Legal compliance and responsibility

We are based in Paris, France, and in full compliance with the European and French legal frameworks to ensure a safe and continued service. The AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers – the French financial markets regulator) is stepping up and closely monitoring the evolution of the cryptocurrency markets. They are drafting a visa offering better protection for investors while allowing the development of innovative projects in France. Exchanges, as well as platforms offering crypto-derivative products, are also monitored.

We will work hand in hand with financial authorities, especially with the AMF to develop a sustainable and longstanding cryptocurrency exchange and fiat-to-cryptos gateway. We are following the due process to respect the current and future legal frameworks regulating cryptocurrency exchanges.

Getting started with Savitar Exchange

With our first release, we are opening up Savitar and Savitar Pro to the public. You can purchase Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin with your credit card or through a wire transfer on Savitar today. As we develop, more cryptocurrencies will be added, and we will provide our users with different ways to interact with our platform.

How to buy Bitcoin with Savitar

All you need to get started is creating an account on Savitar and getting verified (KYC). When you complete the validation process, you will receive free SVT tokens. Then, you’ll be able to start to convert your local currency in and out of cryptocurrencies with ease and minimal fees.

  • Published: 02/12/2019