To protect our users from scams and other ill-intentioned projects, we enforce a strict coin listing process before adding new pairs to our exchange. This page presents this process.

We accept listing proposal submissions either from our community or from the creators of the project. Our primary requirement is to have a working product or a proof of concept. It ensures that tokens listed on Savitar are up and coming and actively developed projects.

Once a project has been reviewed and vetted by our team, it will be submitted to the community's vote (SVT token holders).

Coin Listing Process Overview

  1. Submission: A new project is submitted for review, either by a community member or by its creators.
  2. Presentation: We reach out to the team to learn more about it. A representative of the project's team pitches it to us: project overview, roadmap, and current status, token type.
  3. Testing the prototype: If the product is already live - good, we'll try it out. If not, we will need access to a working prototype or MVP. We'll conduct an internal review of the prototype and publish a summary of our findings for our community.
  4. Community vote: If our team has vetted the project, our community will vote to decide if it should be listed.
  5. Agreement: If the results of the vote are positive, the creators of the project are invited to sign the listing contract and cover the SVT fee required to finalize the process.
  6. Wallet implementation and listing: The creators and our team work together to implement the wallet on Savitar. Once tested internally, the listed token will be available for trading on Savitar against BTC and SVT.

Submit a cryptocurrency to be reviewed

To submit a new project for review, please reach out to our team.