This page presents all the fees charged on the Savitar trading platform. If you are using the SVT token to pay for your trading fees, they are discounted.

Deposit Fees

There are no fees on deposit. Deposits on the Savitar exchange are free of charge.

Withdrawal Fees

You can withdraw your cryptocurrencies from your Savitar account at any time. Only the standard token transaction fee will be applied. It varies depending on the token you are withdrawing.

ℹ️ Withdrawals of fiat currencies (such as euros) will be subject to a flat transaction fee of 0.99€. This fee does not vary with the amount withdrawn.

Trading Fees

Trades made on Savitar are subject to a 0.10% transaction fee. The fee is the same for both makers and takers on Savitar Pro.

ℹ️ When you place a trade order (be it buy or sell) that is immediately filled, you are a "taker." You provide liquidity to the markets. If you place a trade order that is not instantly filled, you are a "maker." Someone else might eventually match your offer and become the taker of your trade.

SVT Token Discount

Using SVT for transaction applies a discount to your trading fees. You need to hold SVT in your Savitar account to be eligible. The SVT discount will be applied during the first four years of Savitar Exchange:

# Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Discount 50% 25% 12.75% 6.375%

Fees Usage

Transaction fees are necessary to cover the operating expenses of the Savitar Exchange.

Every quarter 20% of the operating profit will be expanded to purchase SVT Tokens. The SVT tokens purchased are stored in a SAFU Wallet for emergency uses. Please refer to the SVT Token page for more information.