We created Savitar to streamline your trading experience. The SVT token is designed to reward users contributing to the growth of the platform and allow the community to get involved in the listing decisions. It also powers key features of the platform.

Community Growth Plan

60 % of the SVT's total supply is saved for our community growth smart-drop program. You'll be rewarded each time you achieve a goal of the smart-drop program:

SVT Token EUR value*
Post-KYC registration 100 €15
Trading volume > 1 BTC 100 €15
Trading volume > 5 BTC 200 €30
Trading volume > 10 BTC 400 €60
Note: Each step presented of the table above can only be accomplished once.

You can also gain SVT token with our referral program. You'll be credited with 25 SVT for each referee that complete his KYC verification.

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SVT Token Economics

The SVT token is the core element of the Savitar platform. It enables several features helping us achieve our vision and provide you with a streamlined and inclusive trading experience.

1. SVT trading pairs

All cryptocurrencies listed on Savitar will have SVT pair. It will help increase the liquidity of SVT so you can easily exchange it with any crypto-asset you need.

2. Discount on trading fees

SVT tokens can be expanded to cover trading fees on Savitar. Users paying their fees with Savitar will benefit from up to a 50% discount.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Discount 50.00% 25.00% 12.75% 6.375%

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3. Voting rights on token listing

Promising tokens with a working proof of concept or prototype will be submitted to the community's approval: SVT holders determine which token get listed on Savitar.

4. Discount on syndicated ICOs

SVT holders will benefit from exclusive discounts to the selected ICOs available on the platform.

5. Token buyback program

20% of Savitar operating profit will be expanded each quarter to purchase SVT tokens. The tokens purchased are stored in a SAFU wallet, used for emergency scenario only. The token buyback program will continue until only 45% of the total SVT supply remains in circulation.

SVT Token Overview

Name Code Total Supply Decimal Protocol Initial Value
Savitar Token SVT 50,000,000 8 ERC20 €0.15